This is an art project dedicated to the working culture that is based on a rare collection of old fashioned posters about the safety working rules from the 60-ties.  The project is a conceptual crash between our contemporary world and the times of the fake working culture from Bulgarian communist past. The works are represented by dozens of collages and posters 40 x 50 cm, as well as many prints.

WORK INTERNATIONAL it’s also a kind of clash of the present with the past in searching of their point of intersection, from which will be born the future. The author has illustrated quite literally this intercultural clash with color, style and attitude. Gray of socialism era are meeting the colors of present and boring didactic slogans encounters the unbridled new mythology of modern slogans.

The stories of the collages are a mix of different cultural layers and archetypes: work ethic and morals, ecology and disaster, misunderstood values, erotic, fairy tale characters, modern myths, etc. Each poster contains the original slogan in Bulgarian language and a contemporary motto in another language: English, German, French, Spanish.