A PLACE FOR YOUR AD is an unique art project with its way of advertisement integration – each painting has a real Ad place which can be used for a commercial.

The main idea of this art project was to be a reflection of our super commercial society as an attempt to show the absurd of the consummation principle. Commercials are everywhere! It’s time to realize where the limits of the commercial way of living could be reached, and this will happen only if the borders are crossed. One bold step over this sacral place there – on the painting where the artist shows his soul. And then comes the eternal question: Does Art have limits and when it stops being it-self?

 A Place for your AD is an artistic experiment of paintings which are in the same time art works and alternative AD objects. For the first time after Pop Art the advertisement penetrates in the fine art, without losing its real nature – to sell. What is more, the paintings reflect it 100 %. Fine Arts had never treated as a concrete AD place which could be used by clients for a campaign during an exhibition.  For me as an author this project is a kind of natural symbiosis between the world of advertising and the world of fine arts, as well as a philosophic question about the quintessence of life, existence and the universe.